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Latest Articles: Volume 17, Issue 1

Visual perception in infantile nystagmus
The purpose of this review is to provide a clinical perspective on recent developments in the field of Infantile nystagmus (IN), and summarise the novel techniques being used to gain a better understanding of the impact of treatment on visual function in IN.

Fitness to practise: promoting standards, protecting the public or punishing practitioners
This article examines recent Fitness to Practice (FtP) cases to show that the FtP system helps the GOC fulfil its obligations to promote standards among optometrists and protect the health and safety of the public, while also maintaining confidence in the profession.

Computer vision syndrome (a.k.a. digital eye strain)
Computer vision syndrome, also known as digital eye strain, is the combination of eye and vision problems associated with the use of computers and other electronic displays. This paper reviews the principal ocular causes for this condition, and discusses how the standard eye examination should be modified to meet today's visual demands.

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