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Latest Articles: Volume 15, Issue 4

Well-being and optometric practice
Optometrists talk to patients about eye health every day, and have an important role to play in health promotion and public health.

Vision 2020 and optometry
The Vision 2020 action plan was initiated in 199620131997. Since then there have been notable successes in the management of cataract, trachoma and onchocerciasis. Optometry has a key role to play in delivering the next stages of the action plan.

The developing role of optometrists as part of the NHS primary care team
With the ageing population and resultant increasing demand for healthcare in the UK and other developed countries, there is recognition of the need to develop primary care to manage more long-term conditions and minor ailments and prevent people requiring admittance to hospital.

Eyecare for Australia's Indigenous peoples
Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples live as a minority of only 3% of the total Australian population of 23 million people. They experience a significantly higher burden of ill health in comparison to other Australians.

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